The past few weeks have been busy but fun as we hosted a number of groups at camp.

Northgate Bible Chapel joined us for their annual chapel retreat and experienced a variety of weather but the fellowship was warm! It was cold outside but they enjoyed a number of fun activities inside and out. We were grateful also to many who helped with some winter projects like replacing the screens in the chapel and Lodge with our winter storm windows as well as getting the canoes up onto the trailers.

The speaker for the retreat was Brian Cretney from Brockview Chapel and his topic was the Pursuit of Excellence for the Local Church. It was encouraging and challenging. You can visit the Northgate Chapel website to download or listen to the messages.

But the greatest surprise of the weekend was the 4″ of snow we received! The forecast called for a wintery mix but this was just snow! It was beautiful but by the following day there was no evidence that the snow had even fallen!