After many years of faithful service at camp, Larry and
Helen Thompson will be moving on to new areas of ministry for the Lord this
May. Larry has served as our Property Manager for over fourteen years and his
impact at camp will be felt by future generations. In addition to leading our
Adventure Trips and the development of our Ropes course, Larry has also served
as a camp counselor and lifeguard. In recent years, Larry and Helen have both
attended classes in Biblical counseling and spend much of their free time
helping others. We do pray for the Lord’s rich blessings on them and are
excited to watch the Lord bless the next chapter of their lives.

If you desire to have fellowship with Larry
and Helen, please do so directly at 8848 Sunfish Run Road, Randolph, NY 14772

Bodder and his family came onboard at camp in the spring of 2010 and they too
have been a great addition to us. Stacy has been our Assistant Property
Manager and put his wealth of prior experience to good use and to camp’s
benefit. Stacy has also headed up the Pinewood Derby during our Summer Round Up
week and is active in his local assembly. Stacy will be assuming the role of
Property Manager from May 1, 2015 and would value your prayers as he
transitions into this new responsibility.

The Lord opened the door to bring Will Benson to camp for
a period of time this year. Will has grown up around camp as a camper, but in
more recent years has been active down in the corral as a wrangler. Will is
certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid and is great with the horses and the
campers. The Lord put a burden for camp on his heart and so Will has taken a
semester off college to work alongside Stacy. He has been a tremendous help to camp
and is learning new skills each day! Thanks Will!

Seeking Candidates
Please pray about this
opportunity. If you need more information about the position or would like to
submit your resume, please email Terry Wilson at [email protected]
We will be actively
seeking out a qualified candidate who would work alongside Stacy as part of our
Property Management team. This person will have a personal testimony of saving
faith in Christ and exhibit a sincere love for the Lord, spiritual maturity, a strong mechanical 
aptitude and
a desire to serve Him at Camp.