Many of you have seen our recent blog about the damage to our
windmill. The top came crashing down during a particularly heavy windstorm and was lying in pieces on the ground. This is certainly not a budgeted item and we
wondered how we were going to pay for the replacement. We ran some preliminary
numbers and it looked as if would be somewhere between $1500-2000 for the parts
and equipment. We spoke to our insurance company who could cover it but we have
a $1000 deductible. It would have affected our insurance coverage to make a
claim this small, even if we were to pay the deductible.
In the meantime we received an email from the Coopers, a dear family from Buffalo, saying that they were praying about the windmill and wanted
to help where they could.  They asked for a few days to pray about it.
This weekend we received the following email from them which
I asked if I could share will you all. God is faithful!
It’s amazing how God just pulls
everything together!! This was something that was really on my heart, and we weren’t sure that it was something we could do… but God showed us again.. just
to trust him! We are in the middle of remodeling our home, and installing a
pool, and some school trips for the kids, so the timing was looking like maybe
it wouldn’t work for us to make a donation… and just yesterday.. about an hour
after your email… we received news that we would be getting 1585.00 back from
one of these projects!! 🙂 In Gods Perfect Timing!!! 🙂

(We) would be so blessed
to send in a donation for 1500.00 to cover the cost…
We ordered the parts for the windmill but weren’t sure how we would get the assembly to the top of the tower, but had an unexpected meeting with Daniel Boisvert in the aisle at Home Depot who volunteered that he had a bucket truck he wanted to lend to us if we had a need! Daniel did not know about our windmill problem, but the Lord knew and orchestrated our meeting that day! What a mighty God we serve! Here are some pictures below of the day when the windmill went back up!