There are a number of families associated with camp that would appreciate your prayers.

Larry and Toby Thompson and Dave Larter arrived in Russia yesterday to share the gospel and to help with a camp ministry there. In an email from Larry today, he writes “We had the opportunity to teach tonight as well as sing at New Testament Church. What an incredible place. The meetings were very well received. I had to pinch myself in thinking that I was using a crazy instrument such as my saw in a building that Lenin had dedicated to communism and the squelching of Christianity in Russia. Yet, here we were leading worship, singing God’s praises and speaking His Truth in that same building. Simply amazing!” Pray for Larry and Dave, as well as others traveling with them.

Several families associated with camp have recently lost loved ones. Ann Guard, the mother of Jerry Whitcomb passed away quite suddenly this past week. 

Jean Musclow passed away the week before. And her son Gordon predeceased her earlier this summer. We mourn the loss of these loved ones even as we take comfort in the knowledge that they are now with the Lord. Please remember these families in your prayers.