The climbing tower opened today and many were eager to make an attempt at the rock wall. Our trained staff are there to assist and ensure that everyone has a safe and happy climb! The craft cabin is always a hive of activity and the individual craft projects are coming together well, with some of them starting to resemble a finished product! The lake and pool continue to be some of the most popular activities at camp. There was even an organized pool volleyball game that was very competitive.

Our Bible lessons in the life of Esther focused on the unfairness of life and the fact that many evil people seem to prosper while others suffer. We can draw lessons from that even today and remember that God is love and it is man who has disobeyed. Our evening chapel led by Wes Gregory talked about the courage using the life of Esther. Courage is not a lack of fear, but doing the right thing in spite of your fears! There were many other examples in the Bible as well, including David facing Goliath, the three friends thrown into the furnace and Joseph who was sold into slavery but still committed himself to serving God.
Our greatest example is the Lord Jesus Christ who offered Himself as a sacrifice and stood in our place so that we could be saved. We serve a great God who gives us courage!