Blue Day! Campers were encouraged to dress in blue and were judged on the most creative use of the color. Some even dressed their team potatoes in blue! We have talked about judging on outward appearances so potatoes have been a theme through the week. Ugly on the outside but tasty in every other form! We also had potato races, but with a twist. Teams had to run to the of end of the field carrying a potato, but without using their hands! We had potatoes carried in mouths, under arms and even being balanced! Once they reached the end they were to carry handfuls of mashed potatoes back to their team! Messy but great fun!

Our chapel activities included discussion on the persecution of people who were not like us. Chuck Gianotti talked about the hatred that the Jews experienced during the time of Esther, and encouraged us to examine our own hearts. The evening chapel, led by Bill Wendlandt,  ended up around the campfire where a number of counselors shared their testimonies of how the Lord had changed their lives and continues to help them to grow today.

The archery range was open today and many got to experience a bow and arrow for the first time, under trained supervision. The lake and pool continued to be popular places for campers and staff!