Tuesday began shrouded in fog, but the mist soon lifted leaving us with a beautiful sunny day! The campers start with flag raising and breakfast and then straight to chapel to hear the next exciting installment with Uncle Nate, who had brought his special friend, Ricky the Red-Neck Rat to help him explain the lesson!
Counselors try to find time to meet with their cabins throughout the day as they work on projects set by our directors and speaker! They also try to re-inforce the thoughts and lessons from chapel. Today’s lesson was on the mis-understood meaning of meekness. It doesn’t mean weakness but restrained strength! 
Tonight we will continue our thoughts from the Beattitudes taught by the Lord in the Sermon on the Mount. In the meantime, there is a lot to keep our campers busy across the campground. As the day heated up the pool was also opened to play a game of water volleyball, while others played soccer or basketball.
More to come tomorrow….!