Three weeks of Pre-Teen camp are over and what an incredible time we had!

Here are a few pictures of our activities:

Pre-Teen 1 was directed by Arthur Manning who also shared the speaking ministry with his assistant camp director, Stephen March.  They took up a number of stories from the book of Acts, including the pictures below that dramatically portrayed the first martyr, Stephen.

Pre-Teen 2 took up the theme Set Free in Christ, Colin Ritchie directed this year for the first time and did a fantastic job! Colin has been a camper, a counselor and now a director settled in as though he had done it for years. Grant Saxton was our speaker and also assisted Colin with many of the day to day activities.

Week 1 had plenty of rain and thunderstorms, but the weather was perfect during Pre-Teen 2. Below is a typical day of kids enjoying the lake on canoes, paddleboats, kayaks and rafts!

Gary Foster brought his experienced team back for Pre-Teen 3! Rich Greer was the assistant camp director (and Jonah) and Nate Thomas was our speaker, puppeteer and banjo player! This year the focus was the life of Jonah and his message of repentance to the Ninevites! It even included some almost life-size whale bones!

Throughout the week, we also enjoyed the informative geography and archaeology lessons from the renowned Professor Raaaasssp-Berrry (Ian Nieboer)

Heidi talking about her call to missions

During the morning chapel each day, Nate Thomas shared the story of missionary Ethel Bell and her children Mary and Robert from the book “In Peril of the Sea”. The campers were captivated by the true story. During the week was also had two visits by missionaries: Dave and Ruth Harvey have been serving the Lord in the Philippines since the late sixties and Heidi Koppen is just about to head to Dublin, Ireland as a missionary to be involved in a new youth ministry outreach. It was great for the kids to see missionaries are just regular people that the Lord has called to full time work!

We have been so pleased to see the many young people who have made professions of faith this year and for the many who have been baptized at camp during the past few weeks.

Please continue to pray for the remaining weeks of Teen camp, Summer Round Up and then Family Camp Weekend!