Safety at camp is vitally important, especially in our activity areas. All of our rifle range instructors must be formally trained and certified before they can lead others. We have a core group of trained instructors now but always need more!

Some have been asking about the plans for a rifle instructor training course at camp this year. There have been some changes in the regulations, which affect who can be trained. Please read the note below from Dan Lee, our Rifle Range Manager. 

If you do have an interest in the training and a desire to serve at camp, please read the notes below and then contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

I have been going back and forth with the National Rifle Assoc.
for a couple of months now trying to get info. on who is ok to take the
Rifle Instructors course so we would have enough people to open and run
the rifle range at Camp. After talking to a person last week I still was not
satisfied with the answers I got. I finally got hold of some one and got
everything straightened out in my own mind. It is not good!

I found out that right
now we CAN NOT certify anyone from Canada. Per the United States State Dept. in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations the NRA CAN NOT
Train any person from a foreign country. (i.e.; Canada). If you were a
certified instructor in the past they (NRA) CAN NOT renew your certification.
There is nothing we can do for our Canadian friends who wanted to do this and
the NRA has no Canadian affiliate to work with at this time. 
I would still like to
see if we could have a Course taught at Camp in the Fall, so if you hear of any
one who is interested, please have them contact me.   Any Questions or
comment please call or e-mail.

God is Good,
Dan Lee