Well, the 2011 season is officially over! This week we began the process of winterizing the buildings that will not be used for the next few months. The Cooks Cabin, Directors Cabin and Chapel have been closed down. Work will begin soon on replacing the floor in the Lodge as well as repair work to the interior walls and roof. Please pray for safety for those completing this work.
The canoes, paddle boats and kayaks have now been stored away in the corral and in the barn where they will be protected from the elements. Next to go away will be the lawn equipment, golf carts and outdoor furniture from around the store and pool. 
It is a little sad to see the season finally come to a close, but a good time to reflect on what the Lord has done at camp this year. We were so grateful to see many campers come to know the Lord and many more make significant growth in their spiritual walk.
In the next few weeks we will be sending out information on our winter retreats beginning in January. We have both Pre-Teen and Teen weekends and are looking for great blessing. Please pray for the campers who will be attending as well as the directors and speakers who will be leading and teaching. These are a great way to start the year. More details to follow!