Our last post shared the recent tear off of the roof from Cabin 13 and 14. This is the last remaining cabin in the girls area before we turn our attention to the boys cabins. A number of men from Lakewood Baptist Church volunteered to take the roof off and we were so grateful for their service to camp and to the Lord.

Last weekend we had another group from Delevan arrive to remove the siding and begin  framing the cabin for its new layout. The Christian Youth Corps have been assisting ministries and other organizations and training young men and women at the same time. We were grateful for their enthusiasm and willing spirit. It was a wet, rainy day but they kept smiling even through the rain!

Cliff Jones returned this week with a crew to work on framing, sheathing with plywood and setting roof trusses. Their experience and skill is apparent and we are so grateful for their heart for this ministry. It is an amazing transformation is a very short space of time and we are excited to see the progress. I am sure that those who have stayed in the old cabins this summer will be pleased to see the result as they return for Family Camp and Summer camp next year!