Summer will be upon us before you know it! There’s a lot to be done in the valley to get Camp in shape for spring guest groups and our 2018 summer season, so we’ve planned three spring work days for this year:

Saturday, April 21 – Firewood Cutting, Splitting and Stacking
Saturday, May 12 – Craft Cabin Move-In 
Saturday, June 16 – General Work Day

April 21st, we’ll be focusing on firewood cutting, splitting, and stacking, but we will have other projects that can be worked on as well.

May 12th, our main project will be moving in to the new Craft Cabin! We have a storage container full of items that were removed from the old craft cabin before it was torn down. These items need to be moved into the new Craft Cabin and organized on shelves.  

There are many jobs available for guys and gals of all ages and skill levels, so bring a friend, some teens from your chapel, or arrange to meet up with someone you’d like to work with! 

Projects include:
  • Exterior Painting of cabins and residences
  • Repairs to the Bridge in the girls area
  • Repairs to Corral Fences
  • Repairs to Fort Seneca
  • Clearing of Horse Trails
  • Cleaning and Gardening
  • Picking up sticks

With the recent high winds, there are plenty of sticks and limbs to be picked up around Camp, so feel free to bring the kids!

We’ll get started first thing in the morning, and lunch will be provided. Please email Jon Benson at [email protected] if you’re planning to attend any of the Work Days. 

If you’d like to come a different date than the three available, email Jon, and he’ll coordinate a time for you. 

It takes a lot to keep Camp looking great and functioning safely for our campers, staff and guests, and we couldn’t accomplish all that we need to do without our volunteers.

We hope to see many of you out at our Spring Work Days!