Well, it’s been a while since we last posted and there is much to share with you! It was a great summer filled with activity and spiritual accomplishments! Many young people came to know the Lord and many more made great strides in their walk with God.

Our Family Camps were well attended and the ministry was great. The speakers at our Family Camp week were Bob Johnsons and Ben Matthews. Their messages centered on the importance of the family, with each individual seeking after God. Very challenging and very encouraging!

Our Pre-Teen weeks were again a hive of activity with games, good food and of course our Achievement Program. This continues to be a unique camp experience where our campers learn and apply many outdoors skills like knot tying, cooking over campfires, star gazing, axemanship and many more!  Our Pre-teen 1 session had 123 campers and our speaker was Art Manning
from Emmaus Bible College.
The Pre-teen 2 week had 162 campers and had Chuck Gianotti
as our returning speaker.
Pre-teen 3 had 105 campers and our speaker was Jason Beverly. Each week has a little different flavor but all were well attended and exciting.

We had two new speakers for our Teen weeks. Dan Weaver from Pennsylvania and Matt Reese from Canada were both at camp for the first time and were well received by the campers. Dr. Ben Scripture was our speaker for the Round-Up week and instructed our campers to trust the Word of God especially where science is concerned. You don’t have to make a choice between science and faith as some would have you believe!

We rounded out the summer with our Family Camp weekend. This was a packed session. Our speaker was Brian Cretney from Ontario and his topic was Christ. We were each challenged to put Christ first in our lives, knowing that we are in Him and He is in us.

One of the greatest highlights of our summer was the completion of our 1300 foot zipline event! The building project was completed, inspected and approved late in the summer but still in time to get many, many campers of all ages up on the cable! We will send out another blog update soon with more detail of the design, construction and use of our zipline.

Planning is now underway for 2012. Please begin to pray that our sessions will be full and that God will accomplish great things through the work here at camp.