Registration went well and by Sunday all the campers were hard at work taking their horse and swim tests to determine which activity they would be following all week. One of the first activities after registration is the Hazard Hike which explains the boundaries of camp and the rules of the pool and the waterfront, followed by the lowering of the flags.
We also met our speakers for the week, Eric Smith and Jon Benson. Eric will be taking up a number of chapters in the book of Daniel, while Jon will be leading the daily Bible studies focusing on the the Armor of God found in Ephesians 6. We are looking forward to seeing how these two topics come together!
Our riding program is now well underway with the campers spending time each day learning to feed and care for the horses, as well as also learn some more advanced techniques for riding and controlling the horses. Trail rides will be a little longer and a little more challenging than the rides in other sessions!
One of the favorite activities at camp is the Low Ropes events where campers are challenged to try things that are well out of their comfort zone! In this picture, campers are trying to get as many people as possible on a small wooden platform designed to hold just a few! It is called Noah’s Ark and is also a great picture of working together to accomplish what God has planned! Other events will include the Wall of Jericho , Unequally Yoked, Heaven Bound and the Leap of Faith! More to follow…!
Our hummingbird feeders are emptied almost every day! Fortunately we have a number of dedicated staff members who have made it their responsibility to care for these delicate and fragile birds who have made camp their home!