A light rain began to fall around 6.00 am this morning but soon gave way to a beautiful day! We have been blessed this year by the unusually good weather! And we are making the most of it! Each group heads out in the morning to focus on their major activity.

This year we had twelve people in our riflery program. Campers are taught basic gun safety, shooting through the peep sights and have various exercises throughout the day to help them develop their skills and keep them motivated. The head of our Rifle program, Dan Lee sits here are explains some of the things they will be involved with today!
Then they get to put into practice the things they have learned. Six campers at a time are able to line up along the firing line, where they are reminded of the safety procedures they must use before they shoot. Each camper is to check the safety and make sure the breech block is carefully inserted before they leave the line to check on  their scores. This has been a great experience for these campers!
A favorite for the campers is store time! The addition of our soft serve ice cream machine has been a great hit with campers and staff! The store stocks a wide variety of candy and ice creams but also has a wide assortment of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, bags, books, water bottles, mugs and inexpensive items to remind you of camp.  Many come straight from sports or the pool and are ready for something cold!
Tonight there were two exciting events. The camping group went on an off-site camping and canoe trip down the Allegheny River, stopping to sleep overnight on Crull’s Island before returning to camp tomorrow. In the meantime, the rest of the camp is having an overnight up at Fort Seneca. They will have chapel at the Fort tonight, the sleep-over and then have breakfast delivered to them. Following breakfast, they will return to camp to resume the last full day of the programs!