Last day of camp! These are always bittersweet days as camp draws to a close but it has been a great time. The campers have bonded well together and both cabins and teams are working well! Our final chapels were Standing Firm in your Commitments where campers were asked to make covenants or promises to God about how they would live their lives. Then they were asked to share that with someone else who would be willing to help keep them accountable. Our speaker Sam Butler and our Assistant Director Jeremy Bodder also worked hard to provide the music that would support the messages during our week!
A highlight of our last afternoon is our canoe races where teams compete a course across the lake, picking up additional passengers along the way before racing back to the beginning. This is always an especially competitive race and was followed by a staff canoe race as well!
The final night of the week also included a banquet! This week was an International Fiesta. The main courses were all Mexican food, with tostadas, homemade pico de gallo and chicken and pork. The desserts included Tiramisu from Italy, Baclava from Greece and Crepes from France! Campers were encouraged to dress the part!
During the day, each team had a prepared a skit for the group that would demonstrate through drama some of the man lessons learned through the week of messages. One group did the Life of Joseph demonstrating how a believer could Stand Firm in the face of obstacles. Another did the story of Nehemiah and several others focused on the Standing Firm in your Testimony with the help of good Christian friends who would help keep you accountable. They were all well planned and well performed!
The evening ended with a bonfire during which a number of campers and counselors shared what God had done in their lives. Many shared of the great struggles they had endured and others talked about how God had brought them through difficult events in their lives. It was a great way to end the night and the week! See you next year!