Teen 2 got off to a great start! This is generally a smaller camp with quite a number of stay overs from the previous week. As a result, registration is faster and camper orientation is much smoother. We have already discussed many of the do’s and don’ts from the prior week. Our speaker this week is Sam Butler, who will be taking up the topic ‘Standing Firm in the Faith’ using Nehemiah as our text for the week. There are some great lessons to be learned from Nehemiah and his willingness to faithfully serve the Lord, in spite of the many obstacles facing him and his people. We serve a faithful God!

The early mornings are still a great time for devotions and spending time with the Lord. Seth Hogan, our Teen Director has prepared a handbook for each camper to help develop good habits and practices regarding our early morning prayer time. Each morning the cabins split up and spend a short time in the Word before heading up for breakfast!

There were a lot of campers who were getting to know each other for the first time and there were a variety of games to help everyone learn something new about their friends! There will be also be some brand new games this week that should be a lot of fun!

During chapel our team of skit players will be acting out the story each day, trying to stay as faithful to the Word as possible. Many of the stories come to life on the stage, sometimes with a little creative license!
Our introduction to Nehemiah also introduced the fact that he was a taster for the king, so a new element added to our Choose the Right Door section is the mystery cup of unknown liquid! It could be something like root beer  or it might be vinegar. It will be interesting to see the wide variety of liquids that can be tested this week!
Check back to hear what Sam is sharing with us from God’s Word!