Teen 2 was re-launched this year with new directors, Mike Blais and Terry Wilson and continued the energy and enthusiasm that had begun during the first week of Teen Camp! The theme was the same, Running the Race Hebrews 12: 1-2, but the program was quite different.

Teen 1 had successfully pulled off the 2012 Summer Olympics! The concept for Teen 2 was a combination of the Amazing Race and Survivor, without all of the back-stabbing, lying and deceit! There was still adventure, intrigue and events that everyone could enjoy. Through it all were constant reminders of living a life that was worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the first tasks given to the campers was building a shelter from branches, sticks and leaves found around camp. The shelters were judged for design and appearance, but the real test came during the many thunderstorms of the week! It was strange to see these shelters still standing in the early morning fog that descends on the valley each day!

Rain was a constant through the week but the smiles never stopped! The campers were able to enjoy all of the fun of the game of Survivor, including their team names, designing their team flags and coming up with a strategy for the week. The week even including Tribal councils up at Fort Seneca several times during the week.

Instead of voting people or teams out, each team voted for another team that had served the Lord well by serving camp or another team! Once all the votes were counted, the results were final! It really was great to see campers recognizing one another for the things they did and the things they said when others weren’t around!

Our speaker during Teen 2 was Chris Schroeder who spent the week with us, along with his son, JC. Chris took up a study in 1st Peter entitled Suffering and Glory. We heard the gospel throughout the week and were continually reminded of the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. This pictures taken during the banquet evening when the Lodge was transformed into a tropical island with a pig roasted on a spit and coconut rice for dinner! This was followed by several tropical desserts including a mango cheesecake and pineapple upside down cake!

One of the highlights of the week was the Amazing Survival Race day on Friday which combined our traditional canoe races and diving to the bottom of the pool for clues, with other events around camp. It ended with the huge inflatable obstacle course set up on the front lawn. Everyone went through it, even the bunnies and a few staff! Hope to see everyone again next year!