This past Saturday was a cold and damp day but it did not slow down our many volunteers who arrived to begin the next phase of the Cabin Replacement Project. Last weekend was too wet to work, but we are back on schedule with the roofs on three cabins and the prep work completed for the last one.

This work is particularly difficult and dangerous, especially in wet weather. It would be very easy to slip and fall or to drop a sheet of roofing on someone below. We praise the Lord that the work was finished without incident and without injury! The only injuries of the day were sore muscles and stiff joints from crouching constantly and bending for long periods at a time. We hope each of our willing volunteers were able to get some well deserved rest during the remainder of the weekend.

After the roofs, we needed to wrap the building with Tyvek weatherproofing in preparation for the insulation in a few weeks. These are nine foot rolls and are stapled to the building first and then the doorways and windows are cut out.

Thanks to Al and AJ McIntee who were also there roughing in the electrical. We are so grateful for all those that have helped so far. But we still have a way to go! During this week, the windows will be installed and next weekend we are again looking for help. Our project next weekend, April 7, will be putting up the ceiling inside the cabins and installing the doors. Once the ceiling, doors and windows are in, we can get the spray insulation started.
If anyone is able to come down this coming weekend, or if you know of someone that could help, please contact Larry Thompson no later than Wednesday April 4, so that we can plan the workday, as well as make preparations for accommodation and meals.
Thanks again to you all for your prayers. Please forward this to  others who might be interested in what is happening at camp!