This spring we have scheduled a number of  Work Days and had a great crew this past Saturday!

Here is a report from Stacy Bodder:

We had a great day at camp. The weather was perfect. We had so many
projects happening at once it was hard to keep track of everything that was
happening. Many thanks to all who came and gave of their precious time to come
along side and accomplish many things for the Lord here at camp.
Here is a brief overview of the day and a big thanks to you all:
Dan Lee took care of making sure everyone was fed and it was good as
Josh Koole and Joel Bodder raked and bagged leaves that were under the
Chapel overhang, and deflated and folded the snow tubes from the winter time.
Ted Fox, Bob Wheeler, Anthony Koole, AJ McIntee worked on replacing the
Directors Cabin roof. This consisted of removing the old roof shingles,
repairing/replacing the facia boards on the front and back of the cabin,
replacing some of the plywood on the back, and then on with the new drip edge
and roofing. (Josh and Joel got to help up on the roof too!)

 Clyde Tyson, Bob and Barb Collette, Sean Kinney, and Steve March
painted the first of two coats on the underside of the store porch in efforts
to keep the cliff swallows away.

Jordan and Aaron Collette were servicing the standby generators around
Al McIntee was working on various Electrical projects up at the
Administrators house.
Betsy McIntee was organizing the attic above the Lodge Office.
Matt and Andy Bennett were removing Hemlock trees in the girl’s area
which blocked the necessary sunlight to keep mold and mildew off of the cabins
Carl Widrig and his two sons were cutting and splitting wood down at
the camp fire area.
Paul and Alissa Owens and Sammie were working on getting the archery
range ready for the season.

It was a great day, and so much was accomplished.  Thanks to all who were here. Praise the Lord!
__  __  __
Just a reminder, we have several more work days scheduled and still much to be done. If you can help on any of the following Saturdays, please contact Stacy Bodder at [email protected]

The dates are May 2, May 9 and May 16. 

Several groups have indicated that they will be down on one or more of those weekends, so come and join the fun!