Thank you to Pete Snedeker and Jamie Sabourin who came to camp to help finish up some projects. It was warm and sunny and bug free! Jamie worked on the pool deck where a number of the boards had started to lift and had become a tripping hazard. His job was to take out the old screws and remove the board, clean the area under the board with a shop vac and then get them put back in with a longer, stronger screw. Thanks for committing to this, Jamie. It was a great help!

Pete Snedeker and Stacy Bodder continued work on the Directors Cabin. They put up soffit on the porch after reinforcing the structure and then continued with the trim work around the windows and doors. They accomplished a lot in that day, thanks to the great weather and some hard work!

Next weekend we will have Springbrook Bible Chapel down for the Saturday work day. If anyone else would like to join their work party, please let Stacy Bodder know at [email protected]

Today John Cole is back at camp checking all the smoke and CO2 alarms at camp. The batteries need to be replaced every year and there are a lot of them! We greatly appreciate the help of all those who come down to camp.