Concluding our series of blogs on what happens here at camp after the camping season is over is a report on a few of the conferences we have attended. We were recently privileged to travel to Kansas City for the National Workers and Elders conference. This year’s theme was Passing the Baton. The keynote speaker was Mike Attwood. It was well attended and the topic was particularly timely for assemblies nationwide, but was also very applicable to the ministry at Camp Li-Lo-Li, as we consider the steps the Lord wants to take us in the future. Are we developing the next generation of leaders?

Our travels also enabled us to stop in and visit several other camps as well. Our first overnight was at Bair Lake Bible Camp in Michigan. We spent several hours discussing their intern program. This is a two year intensive resident program that takes the interns through a structured syllabus covering every aspect of camp life, as well as about 15-20 hours per week in Bible study and discussion. We also enjoyed wonderful fellowship the next day with the believers at the Mishawaka assembly in Indiana before getting back on the road.

Our next stop was as Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp in Missouri. Turkey Hill is a working ranch with cattle, a year round horse program and leased farm land on over 800 acres. They successfully run several Discipleship weeks every year and are adding some additional wrangler-discipleship programs as well. Each camp is a little different and offer some great ideas for our camp as well. The fellowship with these believers was a real privilege for us and hopefully an encouragement for them as well.

Our last stop was Kansas Bible Camp who warmly welcomed us, put us up for the night and made sure we got off to a great start in the morning. We stayed up until late in the night talking about some of the things they do there and about how the Lord continues to bless in their state as well. It was great to see Bible verses painted on walls everywhere throughout the camp. They have also made it a practice to include many scripture verses in song in their programs to try to help kids remember the Word of God more easily. An especially interesting aspect of their summer in the addition of a separate program of Bible study specifically for the staff.
While we were traveling, several of our board members represented camp at the Iron Sharpens Iron conference in Hamburg, NY. This conference was attended by hundreds of church leaders from churches in the Western New York area. Jim Lehmann is on the steering committee while Steve Lucas manned our table and remarked on the number of great conversations he had with men who were interested in our ministry and facilities. We pray that some of these church leaders may end up bringing retreats here to camp.
The Lord has blessed us greatly at Camp Li-Lo-Li over the years and it is a great joy to share what the Lord has done with others who might be interested. If you know of any assemblies, churches or ministries that would like us to come and visit, please let us know! We would love the opportunity to let them know what God is doing in our small corner of His field!