Earlier this summer we launched the newly designed website, without much fanfare! Some of you have already seen it and commented on it. Our goal is to make this a much more active site with frequent updates. We have integrated the blog into the website so that at a glance you can see new items that are posted. In time we will be adding more pictures, videos and functionality.
The web address is still the same www.liloli.org We hope that you will drop by often as we continue to update and add content. Visitors can now go to the registration site from any page on the site. We will be adding more pictures to the activity areas as well as to the sessions. Some of the pictures on there now are quite old, as you can tell.
Our current blog address remains the same – http://campliloli.blogspot.com and you can visit there, add your email address and receive notifications when new items are posted.
Most of you are aware that we also have an official Facebook page, as well as many unofficial but equally as good pages! Some of you may even be reading this from our Facebook page! This is a great page for connecting with each other and posting news about camp. It is also a great place to upload all those pictures from the summer! Why not visit today and like us!
Please make these sites as widely known as possible. These are great ways to tell the story of camp. And if you have additional pictures or stories about camp, let us know! Let’s get the message out!