There are three major projects happening at once at Camp Li-Lo-Li and the weather has helped us move forward at a good pace! The three major projects are the new cabins in the Boy’s area, the reconstruction of the bathroom in the Schoolhouse and the remodel of Cabin 13-14 in the Girl’s area.

Boys Area
Thanks to Stacy Bodder, John Palmer, Larry Palmer and Josiah Gefell, the foundations were marked out, excavated and prepared for the foundations. This week Jigger Hadley and his crew started work on putting in footers and building the piers. Although we would typically have had plenty of snow at this time of the year, this year we just have water. It has become one of Josiah’s full time jobs to keep these sites pumped out.

Work continues also on the Schoolhouse project where the back end of the building was removed and a new bathroom is being constructed. This week the forms were put in place and concrete poured for the new foundation walls. Once this has been completed, work will begin on the floor and framing.

While the weather is good, Josiah has been pre-painting the siding that will eventually go on the new cabins as well as the schoolhouse. Here we are in the middle of December and still outside with the sun shining!