Last year we suffered some water damage in the Lodge and replaced the floor. In order to prevent a repeat of the water damage, we decided to replace the Lodge roof as well. The old shingles were removed and discarded and then obvious leaks were repaired.

Before putting down plywood sheathing, 2 x 4 boards were nailed to the roof and foam insulation was added. The plywood was then nailed to the 2 x 4s before tar paper and the shingles were installed. Again our thanks to the many who came to help on this project, especially John Cole and those that came down from Canada. Your help was greatly appreciated!

This is what the project looks like so far! It is an attractive and very durable roof now!


This completes the front half of the building. The back section still needs to be done and will be much more complex because of the numerous valleys. If you are not afraid of heights and would be willing to help complete the back section, just let Larry Thompson know of your availability. We do not have a date scheduled yet, so watch this space for more info!