We are sometimes asked what we do here at camp after the summer is over! Certainly we do not get bored! In addition to a busy Guest Group season, a number of willing volunteers have been down to help Larry and Stacy on several major projects during the fall including Phase 2 of the Cabin Replacement Project.

Our plan is to continue with the Cabin Replacement project which was begun last year. There are now five new cabins in the girls area. The remaining three to be replaced this fall were removed over the weekend by six energetic workers: Larry Thompson, Stacy Bodder, John Palmer, A.J. McIntee, Tom and Jim Dahlquist along with some heavy moving equipment! The cabins were raised on one side by a forklift, poles were pushed underneath to form a skid and the bulldozer was able to pull them out and help prepare the site for foundation excavation. 

Here are a few pictures of the days project, along with a video of the first cabin dragged out! If you are reading this on email, you will have to click through to the blog or camp website to view the video.

Please pray for continued safety for those committed to completing these major projects. Please also watch this space for announcement for future workdays. We need all the help we can get to complete these projects on time and on budget. Thanks again for all your help!