Now that work is mostly completed in the Girls area cabins we have started work on the Boys area. The first step is taking all of the old cabins out to make way for the new.

Thanks to Tom Dahlquist and Elmar Industries, we had the use of their massive forklift. This is a 28,000 pound forklift and we estimated each cabin weighed around 10,000 pounds!

The forklift was moved into position, raised on the forks and then began the long journey up to the workshop where they will be re-purposed for storage of extra lumber, plumbing supplies and other camp materials.

Thank you to Tom Dahlquist and AJ McIntee who worked late into the night to get these cabins out. Thanks also to Jon Palmer for bringing this equipment down to camp and for Stacy Bodder for his work in the planning and supervision of this new project at camp.

All of the cabins with exception of Cabin 21 are now moved and work is expected to start on the foundations within the next few weeks. We are so grateful for the Lord for His provision of the funds for this project. We have enough to complete the foundations and exteriors and we look to Him for the remaining funds to bring these cabin up to the same interior standard as the girls area.