Work has continued on the new residence over the past few weeks and it is beginning to look more like a house! After the excavation work was completed, work started on building the forms for the footers, getting them ready for the concrete. We appreciate the help of John Cole and Bob Wheeler who again assisted and Larry and Stacy get this part of the project ready for the next phase.

Rock had been placed in the “driveway” to create a pad for the trucks that needed to get close to the site. The first real test of the rock filled driveway was the concrete pump truck that was able to reach across the full building site and deposit concrete right where we needed it!

The footers are now in, rebar put in place and the site is ready for the basement walls.

Life suddenly became more interesting with the arrival of snow and dropping temperatures! But the team from Bri-Mic Construction worked through it! The first step was creating the framework of rebar that would reinforce the walls. While one guy spent the morning cutting rebar to size, several others began the process of creating the framework.

 Once the rebar was in place, they began to install the forms and the shape of a basement began to emerge! The walls will be concrete poured into specially constructed aluminum forms. The forms were put up today and are locked into place. The plans are to pour the concrete which should be delivered on Friday November 15.

 Materials have now been delivered to complete the final stages of Phase 1. This final stage will include the steel beam, posts, floor joists and decking to completely enclose the basement from the top. Provision will be made for plumbing and other services, and then the basement floor will be poured.

We are happy to report that the building inspector has been by and is pleased with the progress and quality of work to date. We have been cleared to continue! Phase 2 of the project will include framing and sheathing the walls, adding roof trusses, sheathing and shingling the roof and enclosing the building against the winter weather. More updates will follow soon! Thanks for your continued prayers for wisdom and safety.